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B2B Data-Driven Marketing


Sean Campbell’s podcast interview with Ruth Stevens: a discussion with Ruth Stevens on taking care of your data. With high turnover in your customer base, your data is likely to degrade pretty quickly. Hear Ruth’s thoughts here.

Take Care of Your Data
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Named one of the 64 Best B2B Marketing Books of All Time

“The world of business has long sought a comprehensive, practical guide to managing and executing business marketing plans and strategies. And now it’s here.”  Read review.

Book Authority
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“This book is jammed (overstuffed!) with truth, resources and hard-earned insight. Professionals without a copy are leaving themselves out in the cold.”

Seth Godin - Author and marketing guru
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“If you thought you knew B2B database marketing, think again. The depth, comprehensiveness and managerial direction that Stevens and Kushner present in this new text will surprise even veteran marketers. It’s a veritable consulting guide on how to consider, develop, execute and evaluate B2B marketing in an age of technology and interactivity. This is a spectacular handbook every B2B manager should have. Don’t go to market without it.”

Don E. Schultz - Emeritus, Medill School Northwestern University
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“Today’s digitally savvy marketing experts use the power of data, analytics and business intelligence to engage with new and existing customers in a personalized way. Kushner and Stevens help marketing professionals to capitalize on digital techniques to make smarter, faster, better decisions through data.”

Robin Matlock - CMO, VMware
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“Some books are “how-to-do-it” manuals. Some are reference books that are “break-this-glass-in-case-of-an-emergency” handbooks. Some give a glimpse of the future. This book by Stevens and Kushner does it all, and then some. Plus, there are case studies which are great. This book belongs in every marketing library to get marketing operations and management on the right footing using the same language and thought processes.”

Jim Obermayer, Sales Lead Management Association
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“Ruth and Theresa do a superb job of clarifying the differences between a marketing database designed to provide directional insights and other various marketing and operational systems. They build the case for why the marketing database is essential in a data-driven world and explain how to create and effectively use the data to drive results.”

Laura Patterson - President, VisionEdge Marketing Author, Metrics in Action: Creating a Performance Driven Marketing Organization.
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“I’ve worked with Ruth for more than 20 years. During that time she has been a thought leader about B2B database marketing. She is strategic — assisting companies to put in place databases that help them achieve their marketplace goals. And she’s knows how to execute — understanding all that needs to be done to build a great database. This book will be a key reference for all B2B database marketers.”

Gary Skidmore - CEO, Aberdeen Market Intelligence
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“The Modernist Cuisine disrupted kitchens by detailing the science of recipes. Understanding your customer’s purchase behavior is a recipe and B2B Data Driven Marketing grounds this in science. It demystifies the art of customer marketing with excellent recommendations to create and use your customer data to help any B2B company.”

Marie Hattar - Chief Marketing Officer, Check Point Software Technologies
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“When it comes to the use of data and analytics in B2B firms, there are often more questions than answers. This book has answers. Comprehensive and thoughtfully written for the practitioner, B2B Data-Driven Marketing covers it all: from first principles, to concrete how to’s, to cases-in-practice. A “must read” for any B2B marketer.”

Ralph Oliva, PhD - Executive Director Institute for the Study of Business Markets
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